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Emeralds interior associate is one of the leading interior companies in Nigeria; we are a registered company that specialize in home wallpapers. We are also fully registered interior company in Nigeria with NIS.

Wallpaper is the best and fastest way of achieving an attractive change to your interior decoration. Emerald’s wide range of beautiful and exciting contemporary wallpaper designs gives you the opportunity to change and transform your house the way you desire. We have a great range of beautiful wallpapers and borders as well as latest color, pattern, and prints to help you to achieve your desire interior job in easier and faster way.

A selection of floral wallpaper designs is good for high-impact or feature walls rooms, when you choose a rich, dark color it make your room warm to your room or bright shade to make your room look bigger. In alternative, our nice damask wallpaper can give your home a nice addition to a home’s interior, adding beautiful and attractive view to your room. To get an attractive design touch to your home interior, take a look at our high textured wallpaper, we have a good and attractive interior decorative option with a wide range of finishes and colors.

To complete your job, Emeralds also have tools and accessories and tools that you will need, such as brushes, dust sheets and wallpaper paste. Visit our local store today and take a look of our wide range of great and attractive wallpapers. You can also learn and get more information from our website on how to install wallpaper.


Because of the good quality of product we sell here, we have got a good reputation in this field.

Our products


We deal with sale of wallpapers. We have varieties of wallpapers that can be good for

Sitting rooms





Veranda and many more.

Emeralds interior has lots of good wallpaper sample catalogue which you can look through. We can help you to order for your selected wallpaper and have it delivered to your door step. Our delivery is always within 3-5 working days.

We sell wallpapers base on your needs and how you want it to be placed. We also sell adhesives that are of good quality and not expensive.

Our wallpapers are foreign wallpapers. We have the following types;

American wallpapers

UK wallpapers

China wallpapers

Australian wallpapers

American wallpapers

We have the American wallpapers bought from the United States of America. They are durable and of good quality. They are more expensive and more attractive. Get yours today!

UK wallpapers

Our UK wallpapers are from United Kingdom. Some of them are made with more expensive materials which makes some of them expensive than some of the other wallpaper types. Wallpapers from United Kingdom are very thick and tend to last longer than any other wallpaper.

Australian wallpapers

This are wallpapers from Australia. Wallpapers from this area are of very good quality and have a very long life span compare to the UK and American wallpapers, and this is simply because Australia has the highest number of quality trees and fibres that can produce fabric which are used for the production of wallpapers. Wallpapers from Australian are a bit cheaper compare to other types mentioned above.

China wallpapers

China wallpapers are produced in china. They are wallpapers with good quality but do not last longer. Some of them got worn out within few years while others do not stay up to that. Wallpapers from china are majorly made from fabrics. They are cheaper and less attractive.

We have different types of wallpapers base on texture, they are as follows;

Floralbreed wallpaper

Damask wallpaper

Jogo wallpaper

Finban wallpaper

Satinlace wallpaper

Bold wallpaper

Textgrid wallpaper

Talyed wallpaper

Raged wallpaper

Orangegold wallpaper

Lace wallpaper

Junge wallpaper

Textured wallpaper

At emeralds, we give you any type of wallpapers that you want.

Other products

Aside from wallpaper we also have the following products:

Emeralds has lots of sample books on fabrics for all applications; slipcovers, window treatments, upholstery, pillows, table clothes, bedspreads, and more.

Design and Decorator Services
we can help you realize your unique and personal style. At emeralds interior, we provide quality advice and assistance as regards to wall coverings, window treatments, carpets, rugs, slipcovers, accessories and reupholstery.

Custom carpets and Rugs
With a custom carpet or area rug, you can design your room to suit your taste. What your imagination is will determine how you want your room to look like. There are many rugs and carpet sample with different color and texture in our store.

Reupholstery and Slipcovers
We can make your furniture have a more attractive and fresh new look with reuphostery or slipcovers. You can choose the right fabric from our fabric sample catalogue. Then we will complete the job for you.

Great Art work and Custom framing
At emeralds, we have lots of beautiful frames and great art gallery. Just pick the correct art to compliment your taste and style.

Treatments for Window
With our professional custom designed window treatments we can help you to add more softness and beauty to your windows or Compliment the decoration of your rooms.

We also sell the following building materials at a cheap and more affordable price;

  • Stone
  • Ceramic tile
  • Glass
  • Hardwood
  • Cork
  • Laminate
  • Linoleum and vinyl flooring
  • Top treatments and ensembles
  • Custom draperies
  • Blinds
  • Shades
  • Paints
  • Shutters
  • Stains and decorative accessories.



Our services

We render services in wallpaper hanging and selection. We can help you hang your wallpapers and also give you advice on how to select good and matching wallpapers.

At emeralds we help you to avoid any problem you might face during usage. We also render services in training you on how to rightly hang your wallpapers.


Our Staffs

At Emeralds interior, we have different departments handled by our competent staffs.

Adeola Oladele – C.E.O (Chief Executive Officer)

Kunle Lawrence – G.M (General Manager)

Ezekiel Olabisi – Project manager

Hannah Idris – Wallpaper consultant

Funmilayo Aderele – Color specialist

Adunola Felix – Quality Control Manager

Johnson Badere – Technician 1

Seun Kayode – Technician 2

Mutiayat Ogunfini – Accountant

Deola Sulaimon – Receptionist 1

Esther Gold – Receptionist 2

Samuel Olubiyi – Store keeper

All our staffs are available to render outstanding services to make your home and building attractive. We work together as a team and partner for progress. The entire member of emeralds will be very happy to see you. Visit our office today to see and examine lots of beautiful wallpapers that can transform your home.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

Adeola Oladele .T



Wallpapers for Sitting Room

Welcome to our sitting room wallpaper section. Here at emeralds we have lots of wallpaper for your sitting rooms. We have many types that can suit your taste. Below are some of the wallpapers we have in our offices. You can make your choice and other for any of them.

Wallpapers for Bedroom

Our bedroom wallpapers section is very attractive and beautiful. We sell attractive and durable wallpaper that is good for your bedroom. Irrespective of the color and size of your bedroom we are equipped to provide you with the best wallpaper. Check our list of wallpapers below:

Wallpapers for Kitchen

Our kitchen wallpapers is one of the best in the Nigeria interior industry. We have lots and lots of great wallpapers that can make your kitchen look more beautiful and fascinating. We can give you the color and texture of your choice at a cheap and affordable price.


Wallpapers for Bathroom

Many homes and offices lack wallpapers in their bathrooms. They claim that there is non-availability of good wallpapers that can suit their bathrooms. Here at emeralds we have nice wallpapers that can give your bathroom a nice and befitting look. They are cheap and easy to hang by even novice.

Our wallpapers for bathrooms are of different types. Visit our office today to get good wallpapers for your bathrooms.

To get all your desire wallpapers, visit our offices at the address below;

Osun Office address

1, Omokehinde Street

Along Gbongan Ibadan road,


Osun state.

Lagos office address

17, century way

Ago palace


Lagos state.

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Email address(s)

emeraldsinterior@statemodel.com or statemodel@gmail.com

Showroom Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday : 8:00am – 5:00pm
Friday : 8:30am – 6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Thanks for your anticipated patronage and we hope to see you here soon.